Already this year, the Zakat Foundation’s Rebuild Gaza Program — with your generous support — has rebuilt and repaired 63 homes, with 20 more on schedule for completion by January 31.

“Thanks to Zakat Foundation’s generous contributions, at least 63 families are finally able to rebuild their shelters,” said Nada El-Eryan, an UNRWA grants officer.

Zakat Foundation partners with UNRWA — the most reliable and professional UN agency for complex construction approval working in Gaza.

With your charitable gifts, we can put Gazan families back in their homes:

    • $1,400 repairs a home with minor damage
    • $5,000 rebuilds a home with heavier damage
    • $10,000 reconstructs a severely damaged home

We pool your donations of $50, $100, $1,000, or any amount to restore or rebuild the homes of families displaced since 2014.
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Hijazi family, before home repairs
Hijazi family, after home repairs
The Mustghfar Family's Story
Look at the living conditions
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The Situation in Gaza is Dire
Besieged on all sides, Gazans are literally trapped. Confinement and the historic influx of refugees have made Gaza the most crowded place on earth — some say the world’s largest open-air prison.

Look at the dreadful conditions:


    • 50% access to minimum human water needs
    • 95% of the water is poisoned
    • 40% of children are malnourished and anemic
    • 30% of needed drugs are unavailable
    • 45% of medical consumables are unavailable
    • 50,000 people are disabled from birth (toxic exposure, no                            prenatal care) or bombings
    • 13,000 cancer patients are untreated (drugs and equipment unavailable)


    • 15,500 Orphans
    • 80% live on just $2 a day
    • 50% unemployment rate, rising with education level
    • 1.5 million depend on relief assistance
    • 80% of factories shut down or partially closed from siege

Giving families back their homes begins a chain of good in wealth, physical and psychological health, and child development.

More than 5,500 homeless families in Gaza await your help. Give now to rebuild Gaza, one home at a time.